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If instead compare two machines with different percentages of prizes if you can say that a machine is losing. If a delivery slot 98% in prizes and another only 90%, the first is called even if it is losing.

After confirming that there are machines that deliver more money, I must say that the myth that these are usually located near the gaming tables (in casinos) or the areas closest to the change machines lie. Also keep in mind that the highest percentage of machines offering prizes are those found in casinos since all those which are in bars, restaurants and airports tend to have a much smaller ratio of payment.


No need to approach a room full of noise and strangers to enjoy your favorite game, and the online version is faster and easier to play with which you can play, win and have more fun while reversing. Online bingo halls have included an online chat so you can stay in touch with your friends or with other users while playing the game, an important aspect for most bingo players.

No strategy or preparation, bingo all depends on luck because if this is not accompanied difficult to win or, conversely, if it does, it is feasible to finish the games with benefits. The choice of bingo in which you play is a very important decision. For starters you have to think that the more people there are in the bingo.