Playing Online Poker Game

For these players can be very helpful to play in the browser because it does not need to be opened and closed programs depending on the table you want to play or even to prevent your computer to become slow to open multiple programs simultaneously poker, despite that download programs are becoming lighter as you can read in our poker download page.

While downloading the software from the most popular poker rooms do not require much time and subsequent removal of the hard drive is full, the best choice for online poker in someone else's computer or public is to do it from the browser in no download poker option.

If you just want to play a few hands at a table in a timeout and not have your personal computer at your fingertips you can play without requiring any download and completely safe, saving the time to install and uninstall the poker software.

One tip that you do, especially if you play on a public computer, is that after leaving the room again into this to make sure it does not continue your session is properly opened and closed to prevent any incidents.

In general and because the vast majority of poker users using Windows as your operating system, first developed their rooms to play in Windows software. The main rooms have subsequently adapted its program to play on Mac or created a specific version for Apple users, but even so they are still not many rooms that do not offer this option. If you want to find more specific information on how to play online poker for Mac and Linux we recommend you visit our site where you will be informed in detail of the different options for them, one of which is the option to play without downloading.