Poker Strategy Rules

There are now a lot of poker schools on the Internet. All have the same goal: to give their students a free bankroll to play poker and try to make good players. So it is possible to earn money. What is lacking, however, in many schools the good poker training. That is, it does not a good player and really only gambled his starting capital.

This is not in accordance with the poker school and not the player. One of the first poker schools with this model was Poker strategy. And this side is about 3 million members, also the absolute market leader in the poker schools. Therefore Poker is your first choice if you are looking for a complete poker school, learn when you play poker online can. We have taken the trouble to examine Poker Strategy something closer to you.

At Poker Strategy you can you get a free starting capital. This includes $  50 + 100 This means that $ 50 will be transferred immediately after passing a quiz, and another $ 100 Step by step can be unlocked. This $ 100 is sort of a bonus, something to motivate the players. This quiz is fairly easy to pass if you sit down for a few hours and learn the basic poker strategy.

on Poker Strategy you can find everything to become a successful poker  player. There are over 2500 coaching videos, countless articles, and live coaching. In live coaching you can talk and ask him questions during coaching sessions directly with the coach. This will be very well received.

Poker Strategy offers not only free money to play poker and a lot of poker strategy content to learn the games, but also some bonus offers like rakeback, freerolls, bonuses, rake races and a Refer a Friend program where you recruit your friends and can earn money.

Poker is by far the biggest poker school in the world and with good  reason. Poker because it creates only poker school rather than his students very well to train and teach them how to play poker. This PokerStrategy could grow so and can also start many more promotions.